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Dr. Young has a wide range of services that will keep you walking tall.


New Patient Spinal Adjustment $60

Our new patients pay just $60 when they see Dr. Young for the first visit. For quicker service please show up 15 minutes early for filling out paper work. During this initial visit Dr. Young will go over your charts and history to really get an idea of where the pain might be steming from.

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Established Patient Spinal Adjustment $45

Every visit after the initial visit are $45. Dr. Young will comb through your chart and go over where your pain might be coming from.  

Spinal Adjustment Lubbock Tx

Lubbock Tx Child spinal Adjustment

Child New Patient Spinal Adjustment $45 - 

Child Spinal Adjustment for Established Patient $30 -

11 Years old and Younger. Please note that all minors must have a guardian accompany them.