What is a therapeutic massage?

Often muscle tissue will build up toxins inside the tissue itself and a therapeutic massage helps to release those toxins. When these toxins are released, typically aching muscles will be revealed. This is typically what a therapeutic massage is.  Both Keith and Terri have the training to be able to focus on a patient's needs in two different ways. The first focus is in relaxation modalities such as swedish massage.  This is more of a light touch massage with a focus on relaxation and lymphatic movement. The second focus is in more therapeutic modalities such as deep tissue, trigger point, medical massage, myofascial release, etc. This approach is focused on helping a specific injury or condition.  At our clinic, we take a therapeutic approach to the patient's care because we feel that benefits them the most.

What can I expect on my first visit?

On your first visit for massage therapy, you will start by filling out the new patient paperwork. Your therapist will then consult with you and assess your condition.  You will then go into the treatment room alone, disrobe to your comfort level, and lay on the table under the sheet.  Once you are ready, your therapist will give you a massage focused on the areas that were discussed.  The massage therapist might suggest additional sessions or exercises that will help your condition.

How often should I get a massage?

Every person is different. Only your body and stress level can tell you what you need.  Some patients come in every 2 weeks and some come in once a month. Once a month for the average person is considered normal maintenance.

Do I have to be completely undressed during the massage?

No you don't. Although, to get the most benefit out of a massage it is best to be completely undressed but our patients can stay completely clothed if they choose to be. It is all up to the patient.  We just want you to be comfortable and feel safe.

Do you use draping in your clinic?

In our clinic, we use draping during all sessions without any exception. By Texas state law, the patient can ask for no draping during their session but it is our right to refuse it. The therapists will not perform a massage without draping and will only expose the part of the body being massaged. Any sexual remarks or advances will result in the session being immediately terminated and the individual will be dismissed as a patient.  The patient will be responsible for full payment before they leave.

Will massage therapy be painful?

Although there is some discomfort at times, each therapist tries to work to the clients threshold of pain.  It's important that each patient communicates to their therapist to let them know if there is too much or too little pressure. Please keep in mind that if a patient has an injury or a condition has been exacerbated, then that is most likely the cause of discomfort or pain during a session until the condition calms down.  If you have any cuts, bruises, etc. please let your therapist know so they are able to make your massage more comfortable. Patients generally come out of a massage very relaxed and ready for a nap!

How do I know if I need massage therapy?

The therapist will need to evaluate and talk to the patient in order to recommend if massage therapy is the best approach for your condition. Most likely your initial instinct on what you need is the best beginning approach.

Am I able to get a massage if I'm pregnant?

Absolutely! The patient must be at least 16 weeks along and have a doctor's release if you have a high risk pregnancy.  The therapists are trained in techniques and have multiple pillows that help make your massage more comfortable.  It is a great way to relieve stress and promote overall wellness.

Is massage therapy an option for kids?

Definitely! We accept children of all ages. A guardian must be present for anyone who is 17 years of age or younger.

Why does my therapist always recommend to drink plenty of water before and after a massage session?

During a massage, toxins in the body are released to be flushed from the body.  Water is recommended to flush those toxins out and to re-hydrate your body. We believe everyone's body needs to be hydrated on a daily bases. If a patient is not hydrated before and after a massage, they may feel slightly sick due to the toxins not being flushed out.

When am I unable to get a massage?

If the patient has a fever, cold/flu, or any type of rash they will not be able to receive a massage. If a patient has had any alcohol within the last 24 hours of their session it could increase the effects of alcohol. The effects of certain medication's side effects or those used as muscle relaxants and pain management can be increase during a massage.  It is best to not take these medications 2-4 hours before a massage. Ask your physician if you need more information about your medications.  For all of these reasons, the therapist may decide you are unable to receive a massage.  For more specific situations, please ask your therapist or physician.

How would chiropractic care help with therapeutic massage?

Many patients receive massage therapy with chiropractic care in the same visit. We have found that when the muscles are more relaxed from a therapeutic massage it allows the spinal adjustment to be more effective.  If you're not sure if a massage will help your condition, don't hesitate to ask.

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